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Toshiba Recovery TAF Files 東芝リカバリ

I upgraded a Toshiba TW720LL to Windows 7 and lost all the configuration utilities; plus I also deleted the recovery partition in the process. Fortunately, I created a ghost image of the disk before installing. I wanted to use the … Continue reading

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Toshiba Laptop TW/720LL CPU Upgrade

The Toshiba TW/720LL laptop came stock with a Dothan Celeron M 1.4GHz CPU (SL8ML). I wanted to upgrade it to a faster Pentium M class CPU so I get the SpeedStep feature along with a minor boost in computation speed. … Continue reading

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Pocket PC Weather and Bus Arrival Time App

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Toshiba Cradle USB Power Mod

I took this from my old blog. This mod is quite simple. It involves taking the cradle apart and solder the 5V power rails from the usb straight to the power jack. I am not sure why Toshiba did not … Continue reading

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