Analysis of the Intel AXXRMM4LITE iKVM Module

Intel line of server motherboards have iKVM built-in but it must be enabled with a separate licensing module that plugs into the motherboard. I got one recently and was curious as to how this “license” works.

For the AXXRMM4LITE module, it is a single SPI flash (Winbond 25X10CLNIG) with an 8-pin connector. To my surprise, the flash is completely empty. The BMC/BIOS only checks for the presence of an SPI fash.

SPI flash
8-pin connector pin-out
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2 Responses to Analysis of the Intel AXXRMM4LITE iKVM Module

  1. Mike says:

    Very interesting. Any details on the other tiny smd? Looks like maybe two diodes and two capacitors?

    • davychiu says:

      One set is a pull up resistor and filter capacitor for VCC. The other one I’m not sure but it should be another pull up for another pin. You can reference the datasheet and a reference connection diagram to see what it could be.

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