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Sony TZ battery broken clip fixed

The other day while I was running for my bus, I noticed my shoelaces became untied. As I was bending down to tie it, my bag slipped from my shoulder onto ground. I thought it should have been okay since … Continue reading

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Sony Vaio touchpad with circular scroll and back/forward in Firefox

I finally got around to fixing the back/forward functionality in Firefox. I could have just modified the original Sony touchpad driver, but in the process I used Dell’s driver and got circular scrolling too! Anyway, I googled this before and … Continue reading

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Toshiba Cradle USB Power Mod

I took this from my old blog. This mod is quite simple. It involves taking the cradle apart and solder the 5V power rails from the usb straight to the power jack. I am not sure why Toshiba did not … Continue reading

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