Sony TZ battery broken clip fixed

The other day while I was running for my bus, I noticed my shoelaces became untied. As I was bending down to tie it, my bag slipped from my shoulder onto ground. I thought it should have been okay since it was in a padded sleeve. A few days later, I noticed the battery wouldn’t clip and kept coming loose. The clip that holds the battery in place broke off. Glue didn’t work so well.

I was about to disassemble the battery to get to the clip when I discover there is an easier way to fix it. I discovered there is a hole where it seems like a screw would fit to hold the battery. There is a sticker on the hole. If you take out the battery, you’ll see a hole with a white bottom (sticker). So poke it out, take one of the screws from the bottom, attach the battery and secure it with the screw. Put the sticker over the hole where you took the screw from.

It works quite well if you only use one battery. =)

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