Installing Grub2 on Both GPT HD in Software RAID1 on Ubuntu 14.04

I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on 2x 3TB mdadm raid 1 and wanted both drives to be bootable in case one fails. This took a rather long time to figure out but this is how you do it. Below was tested on a vm.

GPT Partition Layout
1MB bios_grub
256MB /boot
3TB mdadm raid1 / lvm

1. Set labels on the /boot
2. Modify fstab to mount by label
3. Copy /boot to /boot of second drive
4. Update grub on the second drive

Ubuntu Test-2014-11-16-16-46-10

Ubuntu Test-2014-11-16-16-26-58

Ubuntu Test-2014-11-16-16-31-14
note: missing from the screenshot, but “grub-install /dev/sdb” might be needed

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